Museum of religious art

The interior of the church of Saint Sulpitius and Dionysius is richly blessed with art treasures. Upon entering the church, the visitor is immediately stuck by the baroque statues next to the pillars. The main altar, dating from 1726, is by Michiel Van der Voort the Elder. The altarpiece shows the opening of the heavens to receive the Virgin Mary. The painting is flanked by statues of Saint Sulpitius and Saint Dionysius. Also worthy of attention are the late 15th century choir seats, with their remarkable misericords. Other precious objects in the church include the 13th century polychrome statue of Our Lady of miracles, the tabernacle and the late baroque pulpit by Willem Ignatius Kerrickx. Finally we should mention that the grave of Philip- William of Orange, the oldest son of William of Orange, who died in 1618, lies in the upper choir of the church.


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